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Hailey -
She has been put down by men all her life for her round and beautiful curves until she is ready to just give it up. She works at a solitary job and has a few good friends. Who needs more than that? Okay, maybe some good, sweaty sex wouldn't be too bad. Suddenly her life takes a weird turn. An average day of going to work finds her kidnapped and in a cage on an alien ship and no clue, how she got there. She knows there are no Knights in Shining Armor to ride to the rescue and so works on getting herself free, until a delicious, giant, red alien God is brought into captivity with her.

Jarrek -
He wants to exterminate all Krakill. That is all that he has dedicated the last thousand years of his life to. While he prays to the Goddess of All Life for a species to help keep them alive, he has resigned himself to never finding his Cordisa until he joins the Goddess in death. He finds himself a captive in enemy hands, but that is not all that he has found. A living, breathing Goddess.

The Goddess of All Life has heard his prayers and has guided the future King of Athria to his destiny...if he can win her heart and convince her that he is her Knight in Shining Alien.

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Title:Knight in Shining Alien?
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    Knight in Shining Alien? Reviews

  • T00zday

    3.5 stars. Sweet yet jerk hero you want to slap then cuddle.Fated Mates.Mars Needs Women trope.BBW kidnapped by evil aliens, then rescued/kept by 'good' aliens.No women, so some of the good aliens are...

  • Leyla

    1.5 Raging Stars....DNF at a 150 pages... Which I usually would endure if I saw anything worth going on for.I just could not continue. To much WTF moments. Maybe I'm too picky... But I've usually sub...

  • Lucy

    I tried. I really did. I liked the world building, the Athrian warriors and their symbiots, etc. It had a lot of the elements I liked. Even a BBW heroine. That kept this from being a DNF, but it was r...

  • Lala

    It is was a good story but some subjects are so overlooked that it bordered on being a parody,like the rape and torture galore,dished out at every turn to like 65% of the characters on this book but i...

  •  B.E.Love

    This is a DNF for me, too many reasons to state why. just a no for me....

  • Chrissy

    So much potentialSo this is a pretty good book.It got some good ideas, as well as world building in it; there's a ton of potential for this story to grow into something very interesting. The character...

  • Lindsey

    At least its free...I wanted to like this, but I had a lot of trouble getting into the story. The author is really forcing a character to be sassy and fierce, but it came off a bit...desperate. the he...

  • Melanie

    I don't really know what to do with this book - I so wanted to love it, I was excited about a new series. Did I like it, Yes! Did I love it, No! It was a decent read with some editing issues but nothi...

  • Marina

    It started really Well and even if there were ridiculous moments right from thé start,I found I rather enjoyed them.Mostly because Hailey was fantastic AT THE START.I mean I was contemplating giving ...

  • Amiya Powell

    (sigh) I have so much respect for the work that goes into writing a book, that it's hard for me to give low ratings, but I just couldn't find a reason to give this more than a 2. The concept was great...