Won by an Alien

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I was abducted by aliens.
The aliens that I've been auctioned to don’t speak my language, and I definitely can’t speak theirs.
I didn’t expect to get married by accident to the sweet one.
I didn’t expect to have a grumpy alien bond to me, and go a little crazy if other males get near me, or if I try to leave.
It doesn’t matter if they’ve won my heart.
I can’t stay.
Somehow, I have to explain that I NEED to go home. Because the bad aliens that abducted me?
They took me from my babies.

For those of you that prefer not to be surprised, there are TWO heroes in this story. It is a Happily Ever After with three people, a mini Reverse Harem set up of MFM (male/female/male) that doesn't quite classify as Menage... and you'll find out why. ♥
For those of you who DO prefer to be surprised… pretend you didn’t read this warning! ;)

This is Tara's story. It technically *can* be read as a stand-alone, however, previous books in the series set up events in this book.

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Title:Won by an Alien
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    Won by an Alien Reviews

  • Ivy Deluca

    Kangaroo heroes are my hard limit in an alien sci-fi rom. Who knew? I struggled mightily with this one, mostly due to Tac, the Wanbaroo (or Kentaur as Tara called him or Kangataur as I called him in m...

  • Mei

    As I stated on my profile page, I don't like menage, and while here we have a society where females (Gryfala) have a harem of males (the more the better), the "stolen" females in this series are human...

  • Jacqueline J

    Nice entry into the series. I liked that the woman had children back on Earth that she wanted to get back to. Most times the captured girls are all alone in the world so they have no one to miss which...

  • Tiffany Roberts

    I had so much fun reading Won by an Alien – or should we say, Aliens! Because yes, Tara (lucky woman) gets to claim both Tac’Mot and Brax! Their personalities couldn’t be more different, either!...

  • Shanna Matheo

    This installment takes this miscommunication trope (my least favorite) to a whole new level and still it was cute and funny enough to make this a really enjoyable light read....

  • Bubbles The Book Pimp

    Won by an alien ( stolen by an alien book 3 )This is the third book by ms Milo that I have read and holy wanbaroo pants it was bloody great!So instead of leaving off on the new human/spacemate/hob col...

  • Nike

    Third installment in the Stolen by the Alien series, and while the second book was dark and full of triggers, this one is sweet and pleasant, but still full of surprises, I really like Ms. Milo heroin...

  • Leigh UK

    When is the next one coming?I am bleary eyed. I am sleep-deprived.I am grinning and sighing happily.I am coping with family members watching me strangely. (There were a lot of sudden bursts of laughte...

  • Jennifer Erwin

    Oh boy this one is hard. I really liked books 1 & 2 and had such high hopes for this one. And I LOVE the author. But...this one fell way flat for me. I actually had to put it down in the middle of the...

  • Nat Smithy

    I'm a huge fan of this author, and wanted to love this book like I loved the previous one's. Unfortunately I didn't love this. I found it a little dull and I didn't feel the bond/connection. I was als...