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Cowboy Harlan Bennett carries the scars of a broken heart left by his ex-husband, who walked out on him and their son four years ago. The last thing he needs is to get involved with another man who has his eyes on the horizon.

Ben Marshall is a musician at a crossroads, traveling across the country searching for his purpose in life. He never expected to find the place he belongs—and the person he belongs with—in a small California town.

One night was all they were meant to be, but a rare snowstorm and an inspired song may change everything.

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Title:A Song for Harlan
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    A Song for Harlan Reviews

  • ~?~D?ni(ela) ? ?? love & semi-colons~?~

    I grabbed this story during the giveaway and really enjoyed it.First: cowboys, baby!Next: eye fucking galore, oodles of sexual chemistry, rough & dirty Also: dual POV with decent character development...

  • Denise H.

    The story of Harlan and Ben's meeting. Harlan heads for dinner at his sister's bar. His son Tanner, 9, is with his grand parents. Then, a lightening strike, as Ben walks in with his guitar to sing for...

  • Zuzu

    4.5 starsI really enjoyed this one. I need to check out this series. ...

  • Rene

    3.75 starsInsta-love, as is more typical in novellas, but still a lot of feelz for a shorter story. This was a good one of the bunch....

  • Ann

    It took me a few pages to warm up because at first it was just oodles of lust. And, absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. But, oodles of lust does not necessarily make for a believable HEA.The author ga...

  • Ami

    A Song for Harlan is a novella set in L.C. Chase's The Pickup Men universe. I read the third book back in 2014 and I thought this short novella could definitely be a stand alone. It was an okay re...

  • Manfred

    3.5 stars...

  • Bev

    Yes, it was insta-love, but a cute story nonetheless. ...

  • DTM

    Just finished A Song for Harlan by LC Chase and I loved it! Part of the WInter Wonderland freebie giveaway, this single, cowboy father, Harlan, his adorable son, Tanner and the sexy singer Harlan are ...

  • Amanda

    Free on prolific works: https://claims.prolificworks.com/gg/6......